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Inland Technologies is a full service airport environmental compliance and ground support specialist. We offer a complete range of aircraft de-icing application services, spent aircraft de-icing fluid management and wastewater programs for large and small airports. We accomplish all of this by using a variety of technologies and efficient equipment systems.

Inland has been built on a foundation of innovation.

We are primarily a service provider, but also design, develop and manufacture our own equipment used in the delivery of our programming. Our equipment is patented and we are engaged in ongoing research and development initiatives to further our abilities and service offerings. Next »

Our Experience Makes A Difference

Providing airport wastewater compliance programs is Inland's core business. We have collected and recycled more glycol impacted stormwater than any other company in the world. We own and operate more glycol recovery vehicles than any other company, more recycling equipment, and most importantly, we have the most broadly experienced staff to develop and deliver our programs. Next »

Our Innovation Makes A Difference

Inland has been built on continuous and ongoing innovation. This solid foundation gives us the ability to deliver a variety of customized programs because we are skilled in the operation of a number of technologies. Where recycling makes economic and environmental sense, we are able to provide a recycling program.

Where treatment is the best fit, we are able to manage disposal, anaerobic digestion, or processing via an engineered wetland. We are experienced in permit management and operate under very stringent environmental legislation, giving our clients the confidence of knowing their projects are in the care of our qualified team. Next »

Our Problem Solving Makes A Difference

Inland is committed to the delivery of superior customer service. No two airports are the same. Inland understands this and develops customized programs to ensure stormwater pollution prevention and environmental guidelines are adhered to. Our technical staff is dedicated to finding the best solutions, using the best available technology. Next »

Our People Make A Difference

Experienced based insights and knowledge, combined with innovative engineering and superior technological capabilities enables our people to find solutions that are cost effective and designed to meet individual airport needs. Innovation means we never stop working to find ways to improve our services. We are fully committed to developing and maintaining long-term partnerships with our clients. Next »

Inland Technologies
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